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Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2010, having own the manufacturer which specializing in selling, developing and manufacturing of all kinds of diamond tools. We have a wide range of diamond grinding and polishing tools for floor polish system, inculding diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding discs and PCD tools. To be applicable to grinding of variety of concrete , terrazzo , stones floors and other construction floors .



  • Introduction of stone polishing and grinding disc

    The research on the stone polishing mechanism, the main factors affecting the polishing effect and the stone polishing technology, mainly refers to the smooth surface of the stone. After many years of use and its natural weathering, coupled with improper care of man-made, it is easy to cause its ...

  • “Nano-polycrystalline diamond” achieves the highest strength so far

    A research team composed of Ph.D student Kento Katairi and Associate Professor Masayoshi Ozaki of the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan, and Professor Toruo Iriya from the Research Center for Deep Earth Dynamics of Ehime University, and others, have clarified the strength of...

  • The development trends of diamond saw blades-sharp

    With the development of society and the progress of mankind, labor costs in European and American countries have been very high, and my country’s labor cost advantage is gradually losing. High efficiency has become the theme of the development of human society. Similarly, for diamond saw bl...

  • Common quality problems with diamond Segments

    In the production process of diamond Segments, various problems will occur. There are problems caused by improper operation during the production process, and various reasons appearing in the process of formula and binder blending. Many of these problems affect the use of the diamond segments. Un...

  • Premium Quality Honeycomb Diamond Dry Polishing Pads for Concrete and Stones

    The premium quality honeycomb diamond dry polishing pads are made of high density of high quality diamonds and high class resin, please don't worry about they will stain or burn your floor surface. They can be used with any angle grinder to polish a range of very hard m...