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Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2010, having own the manufacturer which specializing in selling, developing and manufacturing of all kinds of diamond tools. We have a wide range of diamond grinding and polishing tools for floor polish system, inculding diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding discs and PCD tools. To be applicable to grinding of variety of concrete , terrazzo , stones floors and other construction floors .



  • Diamond Segments for Concrete Grinding

    If the concrete pavement is constructed, there will be some very fine streaks, and when the concrete is not dry, there will be some uneven pavement, becides, after the concrete pavement has been used for a long time, the surface of course will become old, and may sand or crack,  In this case, the...

  • Why do concrete grinding segments have different bonds?

    When grinding concrete floors you may realize that when you purchase concrete grinding shoes that the segments are either soft, medium, or hard bond. What does this mean? Concrete floors can be of different densities. This is due to the temperature, humidity, and ratio of the concrete mix. The a...

  • Introduction of floor grinders with different heads

    Accoding to the numbers of grinding heads for floor grinder, we can mainly classify them into below types. Single Head Floor Grinder The single-head floor grinder has a power output shaft that drives a single grinding disc. On smaller floor grinders, there is only one grinding disc on the head, u...

  • The only way for the diamond tool manufacturing industry

    The application and status of diamond tools. With the development of the world economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, natural stone (granite, marble), jade, artificial high-grade stone (microcrystalline stone), ceramics, glass, and cement products have been widely used in house...

  • Development Trend of Alloy Circular Saw Blade Grinding

    Many factors cannot be ignored during grinding of alloy circular saw blades 1. Large deformation of the matrix, inconsistent thickness, and large tolerance of the inner hole. When there is a problem with the above-mentioned congenital defects of the substrate, no matter what type of equipment is ...