We always adhere to the business philosophy of “fine products, fine grinding, and deep service excellence”.

We always adhere to the business philosophy of “fine products, fine grinding, and deep service excellence”.



From selecting and configuring the right
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Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2010, having own the manufacturer which specializing in selling, developing and manufacturing of all kinds of diamond tools. We have a wide range of diamond grinding and polishing tools for floor polish system, inculding diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding discs and PCD tools. To be applicable to grinding of variety of concrete , terrazzo , stones floors and other construction floors .



  • Analyze the sharpness and lifespan problems of diamond grinding shoes

    When the customers use the diamond grinding shoes, they will especially care about the using effects, which reflects the quality of the products to a great extent. The quality of grinding shoes is determined by two factors, one is the sharpness, it determines the basis of the work of the segment,...

  • New Products Launch on June 24th

    Hi, all the Bontai old customers and new friends, it’s glad to inform that we will have a new products launch live show on Alibaba platform on Beijing time 11:00, July 24th, this is our first live show in 2021. The new products including cup grinding wheels, resin polishing pads, 3 steps po...

  • Turbo diamond grinding cup wheel for concrete and terrazzo

    Bontai turbo diamond grinding cup wheels are specially designed with high-quality industrial diamonds for premium lifetime and surface finish. This durable diamond cup wheel is built for grinding cured concrete, hard brick/block and hard granite. They also can be used fo...

  • Bontai Diamond grinding shoes order process

    When many new customers first purchase diamond grinding shoes from Bontai, they would encounter a lot of problems, especially some customers with special specifications or requirements. When ordering products with the company, the communication time would be too long and the product ordering proc...

  • Hybrid polishing pads-a perfect transition to resin pads

    In the past, most people polish the floor with resin pads from 50#-3000# directly after the grinding steps by metal bond diamonds 30#-60#-120#, This takes a lot time and increases the labor cost to remove the scratches left by metal bond diamond pads, sometimes you need to polish several times t...